Meet the Hosts


I am one of the hosts of the Girls Guide to Rad Women. I feel like every woman should have a voice, so I helped put this podcast together. I really like Lego, Descendants, Girl Scouts, and my friends. I am 8 years old and in second grade. I want to be an artist when I grow up.

My favorite historical woman is Lakshmi Bai. I really like her because they were having a huge battle and they thought they defeated her because she left. But she came back later dressed as a man on horseback, with thousands of other women. And she kicked all their butts.

My favorite modern woman is Michelle Obama. She is a really great mom and was an awesome First Lady. I think she would be a great president.


I'm Addie. I'm 7 and in second grade. I started this podcast because I love to help my dad with his podcast and like talking with my friends. I like to play piano, play outside, and make a garden in the summer. I love space and everything about space exploration and the universe.

My favorite historical rad woman is Jacquotte Delahaye. She was a pirate and I like to read about her because she has red hair like me and she is really cool.

My favorite modern rad woman is Simone Biles. She does gymnastics and she is so nice, too. She did a really good job on my favorite show, Dancing with the Stars.